IBMer Patrick Bisi on his Corporate Service Corps experience in Indore

Dec 07

Being selected for the CSC assignment was just the start of the process. When I finally landed in India and could visualize the differences in culture, language, habits and expressions, only then I started living the experience. Without thinking twice, I can tell that this was the experience of my life. Sharing 30 days with so many different cultures, with so many different people, trying to mix that and learn India aspects at the same time. That was one of a kind experience. And I wasn’t learning that from a book. I was learning all of that while talking to the customer, while negotiating with governmental people the best solution for their business problem. And also negotiating with IBMers from different countries. In the end, we have successfully delivered a technical solution to help Labour Commission with their work. We were able to architect (and actually build a prototype) a centralized database to concentrate all data from different cities and panchayats ( into one big repository. This whole experience helped me expand my concept of teamwork, leadership and social work.


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